About us:

The Ryerson Sports and Business Association is a non-profit organization managed by students for the benefit of students. We facilitate campus-wide events and projects to equip students with knowledge and opportunities to enter into and excel in the business of sports.

We Value:

  • Diversity of thought and mental models 

  • Inclusion and integration of all members of the surrounding community

  • Autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit 

  • Teamwork and cooperation 

  • Initiative and perseverance

  • Desire to learn and progress

Our Initiatives:

All of our initiatives fall under at least one of the three following pillars: professional, academic and social. Academically, we seek to further students' understanding of concepts and methodologies that dictate the inner workings of the industry. Professionally, we strive to facilitate opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with potential career paths into the industry. Socially, we aim to provide opportunities for students to cultivate and maintain relationships with fellow peers, alumni, faculty and professionals.

Why apply? 

   1. You can gain a lot of transferable skills and knowledge from working with team                    members, professionals, advisors, external parties and other groups on campus. 

   2. You can have the opportunity to meet more students, alumni, professionals and thus         have more resources at your fingertips. 

   3. You can experience the wonderful joy of achievement from inspiring students                     through successful initiatives. 

   4. You can add value to your experience as a Ryerson student.